Stock Training Live Workshops

This work shop is a perfectly designed to provide stock market basics and it aims at a practical application, to create a powerful knowledge bank on various tools and techniques required to understand the functioning of capital markets.

Objectives of the Workshop

Enroll for the Smart Money workshops dedicated to trending topics that will turn you into a better trader and a patient investor.
Practical Knowledge

To equip the participant with required theoretical and practical knowledge about stock market.

Analysis Of Trading

To introduce the process of analyzing companies, determining risk in stock trading and understanding the timing of the market.

Understanding Volatility

To understand the volatility in the markets and help the investor to adopt correct trading strategies.

Setup Based Trading

A trading setup is a pattern in markets that traders can use to increase the probability of profiting. We help you gain confidence while you trade.

Live Trading

All trades are genuine and taught by our trainers at the time when they are teaching stock market courses in class. This can be your first step towards Financial Freedom

Live Q/A Session

We have Live Q/A interaction sessions with Anish Singh Thakur, where students ask their queries directly to him.

10 Ka Dum Mentorship Program

10 Ka Dum – Program aims to make you a professional trader with perfect knowledge of how and when to enter/exit the trade and book big profits. It includes many strategies to suit every trader’s style, advanced in-depth dive of the current syllabus, future and options trading deep dive, and much more.

Revision Classes

6 Months Support

Trading System

Dedicated Managers

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Our Course can provide you to learn about the stock market from the basics, where you get to learn how does a market operates to how can you earn simply by putting all the logical thinking into the action.
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6 Month Support
Revision Classes