Common Mistakes By Traders

Common Mistakes by Traders

  • 1) Lack of Patience and Over Trading
  • 2) Strictly follow the Instructions and Process shared by us to get maximum benefit out of it
  • 3) Be consistent in trading. If we have suggested the trade with x lots. Trade with the same lots to get expected results.
  • 4) Risk Management & Position Sizing :
    • Widening your StopLoss Once If the Price doesn’t favor you– Never do this
    • Failure to use a Stop Loss – To be a successful trader, you must be a good Risk Manager. Risk management should come before everything else.
    • Allocating Much Capital to a Single Trade – Avoid putting all your capital in one trade. Use Position sizing to safeguard your capital
  • 5) Trading Psychology Mistakes to Avoid :
    • The major cause of failure among traders is emotional trading – Fear and greed are the main enemies of traders. Without these, you can make sound trade decisions and record success.
    • Once you’ve made a mistake, accept it. – There is no final destination in trading. Each trader keeps on learning.
    • Always put in honest effort to make incremental improvements. – You will increase your chances of success in the market.