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  13. Reports grounded in fundamental research may differ from those based on technical and derivative analysis because the former focuses on examining stock price movement charts, outstanding positions, and trading activity while the latter focuses on a company’s fundamentals.
  14. No member of the research team, including the analyst, his associates, or his relatives, has any financial stake in the firm under consideration.
  15. By the end of the month before the research report’s publishing or public appearance date, neither the research analyst nor any of its associates or relatives had actual or beneficial ownership of one percent or more of the subject company’s securities.
  16. There is no other significant conflict of interest for the research analyst, his associate, or any of their relatives when the research report is published or when they are in the public eye.
  17. Neither the research analyst nor any of its affiliates have been paid by the subject company in the last twelve months.
  18. No member of the research team has been involved with the subject company’s public offering of securities during the last twelve months, either as a manager or an associate.
  19. Over the last twelve months, neither the research analyst nor any of its collaborators have been compensated by the subject firm for investment banking, merchant banking, or brokerage services.
  20. Outside of investing, merchant, and brokerage services, neither the research analyst nor any of its collaborators have received any payment from the subject firm in the last twelve months.
  21. In no way has the subject firm or any third party benefited financially or otherwise from the research report or its authors.
  22. The subject company has not engaged the research analyst in any market-making activities.
  23. No member of the research team has ever worked for or been an officer of the company under investigation.
  24. The research analyst was not compensated or otherwise benefited by any of the companies or third parties named in the documents in any way for their assistance in preparing the research documents. So, as of the study documents’ publishing, the analyst doing the research had no substantial conflicts of interest.